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The Hi-Desert Star, our local paper, interviewed me about my writing career. Here’s the article.

 I vacillate between feeling all cool and superior to reminding myself, “big fish, small pond.”

Not that I have anything against small ponds: we have one in our yard that, while it has no fish, is a go-to destination for coyotes, jackrabbits, antelope squirrels, cactus wrens, quail, pigeons and owls.

When the paper gets around to putting the article on-line, I’ll link to it.

SCWBI, please note the artful placement of my hat. Free advertising!

R.I.P. “The Story Store” – Long Live “Losing Normal”

After two-plus years of clinging to a title that I should have known wasn’t working 18 months ago, I finally let go of it.

It wasn’t just that the title didn’t fit: the whole concept began to feel shoehorned in to another, very different story. I got feedback on that from the very first (thanks, Mel Gilden!), but you know how hard it is to kill all your darlings.

The story originated in a dream, which I think made it harder to give it up. Something sacred about my dreams, I suppose. But, as tends to happen, the story took another direction, one that was very different from the kind of fantasy world I’d begun with.

The new title fits because my hero, Alex, needs things to be normal, and things are getting less and less that way.

Please enjoy the first ten pages. Let me know what you think.

The Story Store

After numerous requests — I think it was Andy who asked — I’ve decided to post the first pages of my book, The Story Store. I’ve been sending out queries and getting rejected — 41 and counting — but at the Chicago BookExpo, I met an editor for a big publishing house who requested the entire MS.

So I’m hopeful. But then I’d be in some other line of work if I weren’t an optimist.

Let me know what you think.

‘Sonic the Hedgehog’

I was contacted by a writer for an interview. Apparently there are some Sonic The Hedgehog fan websites out there. Sonicstadium.org is where my interview will appear. I’ll keep you posted.

To mark the (upcoming) occasion, I’ve made available downloads of all my Sonic scripts, bibles and artwork. Visit http://cartoonscripts.com/blog/downloads/sonic-the-hedgehog/ to see what’s there.

Join the club – get a gift

As you might have noticed, I’m changing my blog to a subscriber version. This means (as you might also have noticed), that anyone can read a teaser of my blog posts, but only subscribers get the whole post.

To sweeten the deal, in exchange for your email address I’m offering a FREE downloadable copy of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles script I ever wrote, “The Fifth Turtle,” which was voted the number one best of all 193 TMNT episodes in a poll taken by the IGN.COM fan site. Here’s the link to the poll: Top Turtle.

To get your free script, click on the ‘Join Us’ link below.
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